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Glass Scratch Removal, Repair and Polishing Services - UK Nationwide and Ireland

Glazing damaged as a result of scratching, or which has become so heavily stained that conventional window cleaning techniques are ineffective, needs professional restoration. REFACE™ are market leaders in glass scratch removal, polishing and repair. We offer a comprehensive range of on-site solutions, none of which require the glass to be removed from its frame at any time during the restoration process to remove scratches.

We even pioneered a glass scratch removal process for the restoration of installed glazing that remains unique today. With competitive processes, there is a visible distortion in the glass after repair, known as ‘lensing’. The REFACE glass scratch removal solution does not result in any such distortion in the glass to remove scratches.

We enjoy continued repeat business from major UK construction companies and specialist glazing installers for all our core services: Glass Scratch Removal, Glass Polishing, Chemical Cleaning, Spatter Treatment and Resin Repairs. In addition, a Consultancy Service is also available to advise on the likely causes of on-site glazing problems and suggest the most cost-effective ways of dealing with removing glass scratches.
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